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Dedicated Servers

Enterprise Servers:

Intel Xeon X3440 (4M Cache, 4 x 2.53Ghz, Intel VT, HT)
· 500GB Caviar Black SATA Hard Drive
· 3000GB Premium Bandwidth
· 5 Usable IPs
$199/month - $49 Setup

Intel Xeon X3460 (8M Cache, 4 x 2.80Ghz, Intel VT, HT)
· 1TB Caviar Black SATA Hard Drive
· 3000GB Premium Bandwidth
· 5 Usable IPs
$269/month - $49 Setup

2 x Intel Xeon E5506 (4M Cache, 8 x 2.13Ghz, Intel VT)
·1TB Caviar Black SATA Hard Drive
· 5000GB Premium Bandwidth
· 5 Usable IPs
$369/month - $69 Setup

2 x Intel Xeon E5620 (24M Cache, 8 x 2.40Ghz, Intel VT)
· 12GB RAM
·1TB Caviar Black SATA Hard Drive
· 5000GB Premium Bandwidth
· 5 Usable IPs
$469/month - $49 Setup

We specialize in custom server solutions so please contact our sales team with your requirements.


Server Upgrades and Options:

RAM Upgrades:

  • 1GB DDR3 RAM Upgrade - $30/month + $49/setup

Hard Drives Upgrades:

  • 1000GB SATA Hard Drive (Upgrade) - $25/month
  • 2000GB SATA Hard Drive (Upgrade )- $75/month
  • 500GB SATA Hard Drive (Additional) - $30/month
  • 1000GB SATA Hard Drive (Additional)- $60/month
  • 2000GB SATA Hard Drive (Additional) - $120/month

Port Speed, Private Networks & Firewalls

  • 100Mbps Port Upgrade - $10/month
  • KVM Over IP Monthly - $250/month
  • Managed Firewall - $250/month

Server Management and Support

  • Full Server Management (Linux)- $40/month
  • Full Server Management (Windows) - $70/month

Bandwidth Upgrades

  • 1000GB Premium Bandwidth - $99/month
  • 10Mbit Unmetered Premium Bandwidth - $199/month
  • 20Mbit Unmetered Premium Bandwidth - $389/month
  • 40Mbit Unmetered Premium Bandwidth - $769/month
  • 50Mbit Unmetered Premium Bandwidth - $949/month
  • 100Mbit Unmetered Premium Bandwidth - $1849/month
  • 100Mbit + Contact Us

Remote Backup, RAID & IP's

  • Remote Backup Storage - $15/10GB, $50/100GB, $300/1000GB
  • Additional IP address - $2.00/month
  • RAID Card (RAID 0 or 1) - $30/month
  • Adaptec 2405 RAID Card (RAID 0,1,10) - $50/month
  • Adaptec 5405 RAID Card (RAID 0,1,5,10) - $49 Setup + $75/month
  • Adaptec 5405 RAID Card with BBU (RAID 0,1,5,10) - $49 Setup + - $99/month
  • Adaptec 5805 RAID Card with BBU (RAID 0,1,5,10) - $99 Setup + $199/month

Operating Systems & Control Panels

  • Linux OS - Free
  • Windows 2003 Web - $25/month
  • Windows 2003 Standard - $30/month
  • Windows 2008 Standard - $30/month
  • Windows 2008 Enterprise - $50/month
  • cPanel/WHM with Fantastico - $29/month

Features on All Servers:

  • Superior 24/7 Tech Support, 98% of replies within 30 mintues
  • 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee
  • Operating Systems Supported: Windows, Redhat Enterprise Linux, Gentoo, CentOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Fedora Core, Debian, NetBSD, Ubuntu, and others upon request.
  • Ultra fast network, built from the ground up with redundancy

Crucial Paradigm offers a wide range of servers from Performance Servers, all the way up to Enterprise servers based on your hardware, bandwidth, and software requirements. Whether you need a server for mission critical operations or testing we can provide a solution which meets your requirements. We specialize in providing custom built solutions, including load balanced clusters, and hosting high traffic web sites.

Our parent company Crucial Australia offers an alternative if you have predominantly Australian uses, check out their VPS hosting offers.

Custom Servers/Setups:

Crucial Paradigm specializes in building tailored solutions to best meet your business requirements. Some of the upgrades/special configurations we can provide are:

  • 10k or 15k SAS drives can be added to most servers at an additional cost
  • Private Switches (8 to 48 port 100mbit or 1gbit switches)
  • Load balancers/clusters
  • Special/Complex Network Configuration (High Bandwidth Requirements, Low Latency Requirements, etc)
  • Special/Complex Hardware Configuration (High End Hardware, Storage Servers, etc)
  • Hardware Firewalls
  • Managed Services (Managed Windows/Linux Servers)
  • Private Racks (reserve rack space to ensure your future growth can be accommodated)
  • Remote Backup
  • Buy Downs, increase the setup fee and lower the monthly cost! Contact us for details.

To order a server please submit contact us with your requirements, and we will get back to you with a custom quote to best suit your requirements.


***NOTE: To order one of these servers, please contact us. Upgrades are available.
Please note: all servers are configurable to your specific needs, please contact us via our Help Center for a custom quote.

Dedicated Servers:

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