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Quad AMD Opteron Dedicated Servers

Crucial Paradigm offers a wide range of high performance Quad Opteron based dedicated servers. With a standard configuration of 4GB ECC RAM, 32 IPs, and 10Mbps Unmetered Connection, the Quad Opterons are a perfect solution for a database server, or high performance web server.

Please contact us for a custom quote to fit your exact requirements and budget.

Available Configuration Options:

Processors: 4-8 Opteron Processors with a 1MB Cache (upgradeable)
Hard Drives: 3 x 73GB SCSI U320 in RAID5 (can add more if needed)
RAID Options: RAID 1/0/5 or JBOD available depending on OS
RAM: 4096MB ECC DDR RAM as a base size, can increase up to 16GB
Bandwidth: Standard 10Mbps Unmetered (Savvis), upgradeable to 100Mbps, or 1000Mbps
IP Addresses: Base 32 IPs on Private VLAN
OS: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Windows Server 2003, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, NetBSD, Fedora Core, Redhat 9, Debian, CentOS
Management: Full suite of management plans available, please contact us for details.

Click here to see our full range of enterprise dedicated servers.


Dedicated Servers:


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