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Linux Virtual Servers

Crucial Paradigm specializes in providing fast, reliable VPS hosting. Unlike many other virtual dedicated server providers , our VPS plans use Xen which means you have full control over your virtual dedicated server just as though it was a dedicated server. This means you will not have issues installing your own modules or even running IP tables. Performance on Xen virtual servers is very high, we are able to guarantee all resources, and its not possible to oversell, so your virtual dedicated servers will run fast, and just like a dedicated server, at a fraction of the cost!


Monthly Cost (USD)
Sign Up


SSH Access
99.9% Network Uptime
RAID 10 Storage
24x7 Node Monitoring
Choice of Linux OS
Quad Core Xeon Servers





Technology & Add-On's:

Quad Core Intel Xeon X3440
4x WD BlackDrives
Hardware RAID 10
Add Ons
Bandwidth (Overage)
$0.25 / GB
Additional IP
$2 / IP / Month
Support (5 tickets/month)
$65 / Month






  • Full root access, complete access, and control over resources
  • Remote Reboot
  • Remote KVM/Serial Access
  • Service Monitoring (upon request)
  • Multiple Dedicated IPs
  • Direct Access via SSH or Console
  • System Isolation
  • Choice of multiple OS installations, and ability to change at anytime at the click of a mouse
  • Ability to install/uninstall applications as you please
  • Control Panel to manage Virtual Server, even if it is down, or not accessible via the internet. Includes the following features:
    • Start Virtual Server
    • Stop Virtual Server
    • Restart Virtual Server
    • Hard Reboot
    • Manage IPs Assigned to Virtual Server
    • Complete Network Management (ip addresses, name servers, and gateway)
    • Backup/Restore Virtual Server
    • Rebuild Virtual Server with Original OS, or OS of choice
    • Integrated Console Access to access the Virtual Server even if it is not accessible via network.
    • Reset Root Password
  • File Manager
  • Emergency Access - Access the files on your VPS even when it is down
  • Timezone Management
  • Live Traffic and CPU Graphs
  • ... and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you after an Australian Cloud VPS option? Check out the industry leading guaranteed performance VPS from Crucial Cloud Hosting.

Are there any discounts for paying quarterly, semi-annually, annually, and bi-annually?

Yes! We provide the following discount levels:

  • Monthly - 0%
  • Quarterly - 5%
  • Semi-Annually - 10%
  • Annually - 15%
  • Bi-Annually - 20%

Do you offer a money back guarantee or trial period?

No we don't, why? It costs us time and money to deploy these servers so we don't offer refunds or trial periods on our Virtual Server products.

Can I buy extra bandwidth?

Yes you can, bandwidth starts at $0.25/GB or bulk pricing:

  • 500GB Premium Bandwidth: $70/month
  • 1000GB Premium Bandwidth: $140/month
  • 2000GB Premium Bandwidth: $280/month
  • 3000GB Premium Bandwidth: $350/month
How many IP addresses are included?

1 IP is included free of charge.

Can I buy extra IPs?

Yes, just contact Billing and provide the number extra IP's that you require. Additional IP's are $2/month.

Do you offer backups?

Yes we do offer backups; firstly our servers run RAID10 which offers protection from disk failure. If you would however like to have a separate backup we can offer this to you as an add-on, backups are made to a separate backup server and monthly pricing is:

  • 128 Plan: $10/month
  • 256 Plan: $10/month
  • 512 Plan: $15/month
  • 1024 Plan: $25/month
  • 1536 Plan: $35/month
  • 2048 Plan: $50/month
  • 4096 Plan: $100/month
  • 8192 Plan: $200/month
  • 16384 Plan: $400/month

Do you offer an SLA?

Yes we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee on our Network.

What about Ruby on Rails support?

Yes it's supported; you have total control over the VPS.

How does the CPU scheduling work?

Each VPS is assigned a fixed weight based on the memory size (128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, and 16384 megabytes). So a 2048 has 4x the cycles as a 512 under load. This creates an almost dedicated environment ensuring that you get what you pay for and your VPS isn't being affected by others that may be under heavy load.

How many users go onto each machine?

This depends on the individual size of the VPS's that are on the server, our current servers run 32GB of DDR3 RAM, RAID 10 across 4 Western Digital Caviar BLACK Hard Drives and Quad Core Xeon X3440 Processors providing with HyperThreading Technology.

How many cores do I have access to:

  • 128 Plan: 1 Core
  • 256 Plan: 1 Core
  • 512 Plan: 2 Core
  • 1024 Plan: 3 Cores
  • 1536 Plan: 3 Cores
  • 2048 Plan: 4 Cores
  • 4096 Plan: 4 Cores
  • 8192 Plan: 4 Cores
  • 16384 Plan: 4 Cores

I plan to grow, can I upgrade?

Of course you can! When you're ready to upgrade just let us know, all we need to do is turn off the VPS and upgrade the ram and disk space then turn it back on. Simple.

I’ve done something and broke my VPS?

No worries you can reboot it, restore from a backup or even start over by reformatting it.

What if I go over my bandwidth amount?

If you exceed your limit for the month overages are billed at $0.25/GB. If you find that you are regularly exceeding your limit talk to us about your options. We're here to help!

Can I reboot my machine?

Yes. All VPS's can perform both soft and hard reboots. These are completed via the HyperVM control panel that we provide you.

Can I reboot my machine?

Yes. All VPS's can perform both soft and hard reboots. These are completed via the HyperVM control panel that we provide you.

How can i access the VPS if the network is down?

You can still access the VPS via the File Manager in HyperVM or via the Console web interface which provides you with a command line prompt, it's just like being in front of the server.

What is this File Manager?

The file manage allows you to login to your VPS through HyperVM and manually make changes to directories, files and services. It's perfect for those times you install something that ends up breaking your VPS.

What about support?

Our VPS plans are self managed as standard; this means that you are responsible for security, maintaining the VPS, installing software and all administration. If you don’t have extensive experience with server administration or simply don't have time for it we offer a Full Server Management add on for $65/month.

Is there a contract?

Of course not! All VPS plans are on a month to month agreement.

What about payment methods?

We accept the following:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
How many domains can I host?

It's your VPS so there is no limit.

What if i want to cancel?

It would be sad to see you go but if you do wish to cancel simply submit the request via the Client Area. Do note that all requests must be submitted 14 days prior to your next billing cycle.

How do I sign up?

Easy, just click the sign up link to the VPS you would like and follow the sign up process.

Do these plans include swap space?

Yes, they include the same amount of swap space as RAM.

* Not available on the VPS 128 plan.

Why a Crucial VPS?

  • No overselling guaranteed! By utilizing xen on our servers, you don't have to worry about overselling, as its not possible for us to do so using the technology. You are provided a fixed allocation of resources, which is not shared by anyone else.
  • True Virtual Dedicated Servers - by utilizing Xen, you are using a true virtualized server, and you are able to install modules, such as IPtables without any problems. It is like having a real dedicated server, at a fraction of the cost! You have full control to install any software you require.
  • Xen Based Virtual Dedicated Servers - We use Xen on our virtual dedicated servers which provides you far improved security, reliability, and in many instances better performance. Don't worry about your virtual server crashing anymore because you are using "too much resources", with Crucial Paradigm Xen plans you won't have to worry about this!
  • Honest, Respectable Host - Unlike many other hosts we deliver everything we offer, and MORE!
  • We run RAID 10 on our Virtual Dedicated Servers to ensure a high level of data security, while at the same time ensuring your VDS loads quickly.
  • 24/7 Unsurpassed Managed Support - Real people, real responses. 99% of our tickets are replied to within 30 minutes!
  • Fast Servers with Low Number of Accounts per Server, our servers use Intel Xeon X3440 processors (4 cores at 2.53Ghz, and Hyperthreading), 32GB DDR3 RAM and 4 Drives in RAID 10
  • Free Transfer from your Existing Host (if you purchase Management)- We'll transfer your site free of charge for you if your existing host uses cPanel and allows backups to be generated from cPanel!
  • 270 Free Website Templates - Quality web templates worth over $4,000 with reseller rights.
  • Free full blown billing system (valued at $199.99!). Automate billing and account setup through Client Exec, or upgrade to WHMCS for $5/month. (not available on the XEN 128 plan)
  • Free Domain Reseller Account! - Receive your free domain reseller account, and start selling domains straight away.


Services We Provide:


If you have any inquiries regarding our virtual dedicated server range, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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