Updating Apache using Cpanel EasyApache

Updating Apache using Cpanel EasyApache

EasyApache is a pre configured script that allows you to easily update Apache Web server through WHM or SSH.
In this tutorial we will show you how to update apache using SSH /scripts/easyapache.

Root SSH access to your server

Login as root through SSH.
1) Login to your server and su - to root.

Run EasyApache
2) /scripts/easyapache

Select the options you want for your configuration
3) Type in 6 and press enter

You will be show the config options to build apache with.
4) Press space bar to select/deselect which options you want, use arrow keys to move and enter to go to sub menu.

Go to PHP module options
5) Move cursor to PHP and press enter. You will now see more options you can select.

Finishing Config options, Once you have selected your config options for Apache.
6)  Exit, Exit, Yes to safe config

Apache will recompiled with your options and modules
7) Wait for it to complete, this takes 15-30 minutes depending on the speed of your machine and options selected.

Apache restarts
8) You should see a message that says “httpd started ok”. This means you’re good to go and Apache is done!
Check your websites to ensure everything is okay and working properly.

Go back to step 2 and change your options in the configuration, sometimes things don’t work. If that doesn’t work selecting minimal options then don’t select Option 6 in step 3, instead select Option 5 or even 3 depending on your needs.

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