SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Web Page Submission

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Web Page Submission

So, you think you’re through optimizing your web pages for the search engines, huh? Are you sure?

* Is your website complete?
* Have you taken steps to ensure your website is running 24/7?
* Have you established your inbound links properly?
* Is your internal linking structure sound?
* How about your codes? Have they been validated?
* Are your pages optimized for all HTML tags? Meta tags? Keywords?
* Have you taken other SEO and site-usability factors under consideration?

If you’ve answered yes to all of the questions, then you’re undoubtedly ready to take that final step. But wait! Do you really need to submit your pages to the search engines, or can you just sit back and relax and wait for those spiders to visit your curds and whey?

Actually, it depends on the engine you’re targeting. Some, like Google, prefer to find your page on their own (through links from other sites). Of course, it certainly can’t hurt to hurry the process along by submitting your pages yourself.

But before you do so, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Submit manually – automated submission programs may get your sites penalized.
2. Submit just your main/home page (and maybe those important pages).
3. Never submit using your IP address and avoid cutting and pasting your URL when submitting.
4. You may choose from 2 types of submissions:
* Basic / Free submission program
o Pros: Free
o Cons: being indexed is not guaranteed;longer time to be indexed

* Paid Inclusion Submission Programs
o Pros: guaranteed and fast indexing; total control over where ad placement for the price you decide upon
o Cons: do not normally include spidering the entire site (only the pages that you submit)

Here’s some information for some of the major search engines:

Search Engines Free URL submission / limit Turnaround PFI / limit Turnaround (initial/updates) Fee
AllTheWeb / FAST Yes, via Yahoo! (registration required) >6 wks (if accepted) via Overture or Lycos InSite or Lycos InSite Enterprise for >100 pages 72 hrs; 24-48 hrs for 1 yr $35 + $15 if >5 URLs + CPC*
AltaVista Yes, via Yahoo! >1 mo (if accepted) Overture Site Match program via InfoSpider 4 days; 48 hrs $49 +$29 subscription + CPC
DMOZ (Open Directory Project) suggest URL 1wk-6 mos>
Google Yes, but building links is best way to get indexed; 10 pp/day 1-2 mos Google AdWords (for advertisers) or Google AdSense In minutes (if accepted) CPC, no min spend limit
Inktomi No. Submit to Web Search Partners (MSN, etc); 1 page/day >6 wks via or or LycosInSite; Use Index Connect Program if submitting >1000pp; 50pp / day 48 hrs; 48 hrs for 1 yr $39 (ave) for 1st URL, $25 per addn’l URLs
Lycos Submit to major search engines Lycos InSite 72 hrs; 24-48 hrs for 1 yr $35 + $15 if >5 URLs + CPC
Overture No Pay for PerformanceT Search 3 days (Fast Track or FT); 5 days (Self Serve or SS) $199 Service Fee (FT); No Service Fee for SS; CPC model
Teoma / Ask Jeeves No, inbound links are best way to get indexed for free 1-2 mos AskJeeves Site Submit 1 wk; 1 wk for 1 yr $30 + $18 (per addn’l URL)
Yahoo! Yes, but results are mostly from Google 8+ weeks Yahoo! Express (for commercial listings) – read Express Registration Terms of Agreement before submitting 7 days to get reviewed; no guarantee of acceptance £199 or $299 (non-refundable)

*CPC – cost per click pricing model (you pay only for click-throughs);

Some additional notes to consider:
Google: minimum of 10 quality links is recommended for indexing in Google within approximately 3 months

Inktomi: provides “backup” results to MSN Search, HotBot, GoTo; backfill results to Overture and LookSmart and will likely be used by Yahoo! in place of Google; the next best way to get crawled by Inktomi is to get linked to by sites that are in the Inktomi Best of the Web or BOW index (a selective index with about 110 million documents from the top sites on the web according to Inktomi)

AllTheWeb: powers the primary results for Lycos; previously owned by a company called FAST, but purchased by paid listing provider Overture; website listed in Fast will result in your pages being listed on,, and numerous European search engines

Teoma: main results at Ask Jeeves web site

AltaVista: popularity has dropped over the past year, significant numbers of people still use it to search the web; purchased by Overture

Overture: offers advertising solutions; listings let you control your position by the amount you bid on keywords; reaches over 80% of active Internet users; allows you to be seen in Yahoo, MSN, Altavista,, InfoSpace searches

Yahoo!: web sites are screened by humans so the results are entirely relevant; uses Google’s results (for the time being until they use Inktomi); search results are based on four elements: category, title, description and URL.

DMOZ: make sure you’re not already listed within the directory before submitting; volunteer editors follow strict guidelines for inclusion (relevant content for web sites in their appropriate category); does not allow the following in their listings:

* MLM (Multi Level Marketing) sites
* Affiliate sites
* Adult sites
* Web sites containing broken links
* Under construction web sites
* Web sites without appropriate contact information

No Individual Submissions Required for: AOL, HotBot, Excite – if listed in the major search engines, your listings should be picked up as long as your pages are optimized for your keywords:

AOL: uses Google for its search results; if listed in Google, your website will be listed within AOL’s search engine results pages (SERPs)
MSN: You can submit for free at Microsoft bCentral, but there’s no turnaround nor indexing guarantee; Use Overture for PFI.


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