Web Hosting Tutorials

Web Hosting Tutorials:

How to File a DMCA Counter Claim (Digital Millenium Copyright Act)
Details on how to complete a DMCA Counter Claim legally.

Web Server Software/Applications
Web servers are computer systems that serve up/deliver web pages in response to requests from remote browsers using software applications based on:

Control Panel Solutions
Web hosting is like driving. Your car is the hosting account, and just as you can’t make your car do anything unless you take ‘control’ of the technology that makes it do what it does, so too with your hosting account.

Virtual Private Servers
VPS are exactly what the words suggest, servers that act virtually like independent servers although housed in a single physical system (or dedicated server). They’re a popular way of providing low-cost web hosting services because they allow multiple customers to share in the cost of hardware and network connections but give them total control over their own applications so they can run as isolated processes within the Web server.

PHP & MySQL Web Hosting
When you go on the Internet nowadays, you rarely see sites that are static anymore. Most sites are highly interactive and seem to make use of databases a lot, which made me wonder.

Multiple Domain Hosting
One of the main concerns of webmasters these days is cost control, particularly when running multiple sites at a time. So what’s their recourse? Multiple domain hosting! What it actually means is hosting multiple websites (having their own domain names) in one account. (And it can be done on shared hosting platforms too.)

RAID for Web Hosting
RAID is a concept introduced by Patterson, Gibson and Katz of the University of California Berkeley in 1987 via the paper entitled “A Case for Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID)”

SCSI vs IDE: Does it matter in Web Hosting?
A web server is nothing more than a computer that uses software applications to serve up web pages in response to remote browser requests. And like all computers, it too has a hard drive, a central processing unit and memory, among other things. But because servers handle more than one browser requests at a time, 24/7, reliability is an important issue.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Web Hosting
There are a growing number of people and companies conducting business online, and among their chief concerns is how to make customers feel comfortable and secure when ordering and paying for products and services online. That’s where SSL or Secure Sockets Layer comes in.

Secure Web Hosting with SSL certificates
SSL certificates are used to authenticate the identity of a website to visiting browsers. The certificate, which contains the web server’s public key, will be used by the browser to authenticate the identity of the web server and encrypt the information for the server using SSL technology.

All About Domain Name(s) Registration
If you’ve read our Guide to Setting Up Your Own Website, you’ll know that getting yourself a domain name is a crucial step.

Choosing Streaming Media Hosting
There are several ways that you can implement streaming media on your web site, and the cost associated with each varies depending on the scale and quality.

Choosing Your Linux Distro
Whether you’re a longtime Windows user looking to migrate, or a novice choosing Linux as your first Operating System, chances are you might be confused over the sheer number of distributions or ‘distros’ to choose from.

Fantastic Web Hosting with Fantastico!
One of the things that could complicate your life as a webmaster, particularly if you’re a novice, is the installation of applications in your web site(s). Such installations are usually done through a control panels.

How Reverse DNS Works (RDNS)
Reverse DNS turns an IP address into a hostname — for example, it might turn into host.example.com.

How To (Howto) Domain Names
What if you’ve registered your domain name(s) but then found your current registrar’s support inadequate? Or you’ve found another that offers cheaper renewal rates. Or maybe, you just want to consolidate your domain name holdings under one company? For whatever reason you want to transfer, three things come to mind.

Part I.(1) How to Start Your Own Web Hosting Company
Are you planning to set up your own web hosting company? After all, the sheer number of hosting companies out there must mean that they’re on to something. Maybe there’s money to be made off it? And the fact that quite a few hosting operations are run by young guns, probably has you thinking, ‘How hard can it be?’

How to Start Your Own Reseller Hosting Business
We will now discuss the steps, as well as the factors that you need to consider, in starting your own reseller hosting business. (Note: Although most of the steps/factors discussed apply when starting a hosting business in general, others are specific for resellers).

Part II (2) . How to Start Your Own Web Hosting Company.
In Part I, we discussed some of the things you’d need to consider (and get your hands on) if you wanted to start your own web hosting company.

ModernBill – An Automated Billing Solution for Web Hosting
Billing is one of the many challenges that confront web hosting providers. There are just so many things to keep track of.customer profiles, invoices, credit card charging, etc. etc. etc.

MUD Games Hosting
Some of the more popular websites I’ve come across are MUD sites. And by MUD, I do not mean the water soaked soil or soft wet earth we used to play in when we were kids.

Need for Speed – Fast Web Hosting
Have you ever tried to access a web page that took forever to load? And not because you’re on dial-up and using a lousy 28.8K modem too. Chances are, you’ve told yourself “Forget it!” and continued on your not-so-merry way to another site. After all, isn’t there an adage about time being golden?

Optical Carriers and Web Hosting
OC levels are used to specify the speed of fiber optic networks conforming to SONET. The base rate (OC-1) is 51.84 Mbps,1, and each succeeding level’s speeds increases accordingly.

Reseller Hosting Tutorial
If you surf the Internet, you’d notice that more and more small business operations focus on the resale of Web hosting services.

Spam – Does it affect the web hosting industry??
GetNetWise defines spam as unsolicited “junk” e-mail that are sent to large numbers of people to promote products or services, and also refers to inappropriate promotional or commercial postings to discussion groups or bulletin boards.

Sun Platform Hosting
In my effort to learn more about all things web hosting, one of the things that struck me as curious was the fact that not many people seem to use Sun platforms in web hosting. At least, when compared with other platforms (such as Windows and Linux).

Web Hosting at Home with Dynamic DNS
What if you want to host your own website at home? Maybe because you don’t want to spend too much on hosting, or you can’t find a hosting plan that suits your needs. Or maybe you’re just OC about it? (And I don’t mean Optical Carriers).

Why FreeBSD Hosting Is For You
In a previous posting, we discussed briefly some of the different Unix flavors available when choosing an operating system for your (web hosting) needs.

FTP to Your Web Host Account
Have you ever wondered how webmasters of old transferred large files and web pages from their computers at home to the servers that host their sites? Particularly when their hosts’ servers are located thousands of miles away?

DNS for Web Hosting
If you’ve been surfing the Internet for quite a while, you’re probably already familiar with domain names and how important they are for web sites. But are you familiar with DNS? Well, if you’re not, let me help enlighten you.

Outsourcing Customer/Technical Support
One of the most important aspects of the web hosting business is customer/technical support. In fact, it’s one of the main considerations many customers have when choosing their hosts. But with increasing customer demand, do hosting companies, especially small to mid-sized ones, actually have the resources to provide quality support, much less offer it 24/7? One solution to this is of course, outsourcing.

SSH & Telnet for Your Web Hosting Account
Did you know that you can access web hosting servers remotely? How? By using either the SSH or Telnet protocols.

TechSpeak – Network Hardware
I was looking through the web hosts’ sites yesterday – when I came across an odd jumble of numbers and letters at the Nocster site, detailing the company’s network information.

SLAs and Web Hosting
What are Service Level Agreements (SLA) and how are they relevant in web hosting?

Web Host Uptime (& Downtime)
If you’re running or planning to set up mission-critical sites (such as an ecommerce site), one of key issues that you also need to consider (aside from security) when looking for a web host is uptime (or downtime). You’ve probably heard a lot about this, but if you haven’t, here’s some information to help you.

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