Online News Publishing for Free

Online News Publishing for Free

With more and more people opting to get their daily dose of the news from the Internet, online publishing has become a worthwhile endeavor for many companies. This, despite the challenge of maintaining dynamic sites that are able to accommodate frequent updates and postings.

But even if you don’t have the clout (and resources) commanded by the likes of CNN and Reuters, don’t despair. There are free scripts/programs available to help you start publishing news online.

Below are just some of the options you can consider:

* OxyScripts News Boards – a quick and easy way to post news online and instantly update your site. You can edit and delete news and have multiple news posters on one account. It even has a powerful archive function to allow your visitors to view old news. Simply cut and paste a few lines of the code we give you into your web page, and you’ll have fully dynamic news content running in seconds.
* MSH News Posting – a fully featured news posting script hosted by available at no cost. Just paste a short code (provided to you by e-mail) on the page you want your news’ tables to appear and voila! You can start posting. It also comes with tools to help you customize the look of your news’ html and offers multilingual support.
* CGISpy News Board – a program that allows you to provide a one-page list of all the latest updates, with the option of having as many updates to display on the main page. Other useful options include customization of title and color, home links and options and even timezone, as well as addition of custom HTML headers and footers.
* e4ums ASP NewsBoard v2.6.2/v3.0 (development version) – easy to use and deploy news delivery system with a built-in image uploader and an easy user interface for defining design, language filters etc, as well as multi-user login management. Other features include delayed publishing of news, expiration date, multiple user accounts, e-mail notification system and custom e4Code to make news items look better and quicker.
* PHPNews 1.2.1 – has an XHTML 1.0 Strict and Valid CSS for the next generation of web design, with an easy administrative environment. Has user selectable language files and allows you to sort news into categories for easy access. Other features include RSS news feeds, easily modified via a News Templating System, multiple user accounts, with an ability to link long news stories or images on to new pages to prevent clustering.
* Magic News Lite from Reamday Enterprises – allows you to post, edit and delete news articles on your website from any place of the world. Just cut and paste some integration code which we give you into your webpage, and your news will appear automatically. Plus it has a simple and intuitive control panel interface for news posting.

But for just $62.50* a week, you don’t even need to design your own site and incorporate those scripts and programs. Just go to You simply upload your news in Quark, Pagemaker or InDesign and they’ll do the rest. They even have a friendly, browser-based editor for late-breaking news. Plus, you get instant extra advertising income with Google AdSenseT!

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