osCommerce Contributions

osCommerce Contributions

But what makes it particularly valuable if you intend to customize your e-commerce platform, is the availability of contributions.

Contributions are project add-ons, feature updates, language packs, and extended modules provided by the community that are freely available under the GNU General Public License.

These contributions fall under the following major categories:

* Credit Modules
* Images
* Features
* InfoBoxes
* Languages
* Order Total Modules
* Payment Modules
* Reports
* Shipping Modules
* Templates/Themes
* Zones
* Other

A full list of contributions under each category, and where they can be downloaded, can be found at osCommerce.com (www.oscommerce.com).

Some contributions that we’ve found particularly useful are:

1. Credit Class & Gift Voucher – base credit class and the Gift Voucher module in one package; it allows customers to use discount coupons at checkout

1. You set up a coupon
2. Give the coupon name/code to your customer(s)
3. Customer(s) receive the discount upon entering the coupon code/name at checkout.

Latest version: v5.10b
Latest update: 5 Apr 2004
Addition of gift-voucher/credit class buttons for French, Spanish & German

Support issues and help available at : Credit Class & Gift Voucher rel for 2.2.2

2. Purchase Without Account (PWA) – allows customers to either:
* proceed directly to checkout without creating an account
* create a new account
* login to an existing account

Latest version: v0.70
Latest update: 30 Dec 2003
fixed login=fail bug when customers with existing accounts tries to purchase without an account; updating of address book upon return of customer(s) who purchased without an account; new method of determining that a customer has purchased without an account

Support issues and help available at: Purchase Without Account Updated & Admin Functionality

3. PayPal IPN Gateway for osCommerce – scripts designed to take advantage of the PayPal Instant Payment Notification System; contains full email alerts and automatic order changes

Latest version: v1.5b
Latest update: 10 Mar 2004
works with downloads manager contribution; script automatically changes order_status to Allow Download; updates order history, sends proper emails& logs the IPN transaction history

Support issues and help available at: iSolutions (for details of fixes)

4. Fedex Real Time Quotes – update to Federal Express Real Time Quotes (MS1); uses a FedEx API to acquire your shipping rates in real time based on accts discounts; works from origins in Canada and US; All FedEx rates are quoted, including ground; needs a FedEx account and secure cURL in web server

Latest version: v2.04
Latest update: 15 Mar 2004
bug fixes, support for MS2, ability to run cURL outside PHP, debug option; display of Fedex error messages instead of canned error message; movement of parms to OSC Admin; timeout capability; easier install; kgs as weight option; envelope package rating; sorting rates low to high or high to low; transit time for ground shipment

Support issues and help available at: Federal Express Real Time Quotes v2.0 Just Uploaded, Just Contributed-Fedex Real Time Quotes v2.02, Updated version now in contributions

*These, and other contributions, and are actively supported in the osCommerce community support forums area.

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