OSCommerce for ECommerce Stores

OSCommerce for ECommerce Stores

If you’re planning to launch an e-commerce site but don’t want to spend too much money, time and effort looking for, setting up and running one, then you might want to consider an osCommerce solution.

What is osCommerce?

It is an online shop e-commerce solution developed (and continuously being developed) by the open source community that allows store owners to setup, run and maintain their online stores. It is available for free as an Open Source-based solution released under General Public License.

Its key features include:

* automatic web-browser installation and upgrade procedure
* combines the open-source solutions
o PHP web scripting language
o Stable Apache web server
o MySQL database server
* object-oriented backend (MS3)
* no restrictions or special requirements
* able to run on PHP enabled web server or environment supported by PHP/MySQL (ex. Linux, Solaris, BSD, Mac OS X & MS Windows)
* completely multilingual (English, German & Spanish as default)
* template structure implementation
* supports unlimited products and categories (which can be added/edited/removed)
* supports physical (can be shipped) and virtual (can be downloaded) products
* secure administration area (with username and password defined at installation)
* allows you to contact customers directly (by email/newsletter)
* easy backup and database restoration
* statistics for products and customers
* multicurrency support (with automatic updating of currency exchange rates)
* customizable display of product listings
* supports static and dynamic banners with full statistics,

as well as other customer/front end, product, payment, shipping and tax functionalities.

Payment gateways supported include:

* 2CheckOut.com

* Authorize.Net

* iPayment Inc.

* PayPal

* PsiGate

* SECPay

* TrustCommerce

How does it compare with other e-commerce solutions in the market?

The following forum threads offer some ideas:

* osCommerce vs X-Cart vs LiteCommerce

* AgoraCart or osCommerce?

Some highlights:

* LiteCommerce – allows you to make changes without PHP knowledge; ideal as a basic ecommerce solution; similar to X-cart with some features taken out
* X-Cart – ideal if you don’t want to use PHP, need support and easy customizability (same for LiteCommerce)
* AgoraCart – is better for most ecommerce situations; flexible; secure; has steeper learning curve; not for users who just want to launch a site instantly or with little effort; has restrictions on access from countries with high fraud/risk; also free & open source; more flexibility in design & expandability
* osCommerce -
o Pros: fully customized shopping cart; powerful; stable; rock-solid system; can add multiple shippers; better for smaller stores; ease of use at initial setup; can accommodate a number of items in its product database (PHP database)

o Cons: medium customizability; requires PHP knowledge; getting help from osCommerce forums can be a slow process; team behind it don’t implement user suggested changes/optimizations; not supposed to make money off it; without support; has security flaws*; lends itself mostly to PHP applications on common server setups
Other forums that offer information on osCommerce include:
# WebmasterTalk- Customising osCommerce

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