What is Reseller Hosting?

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What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting allows you to create, control and manage multiple web hosting accounts for your own use or to resell to customers of your own. Our Reseller Hosting provides you with a master control panel called WebHostManager. You’ll get lots of bandwidth, huge storage allocations and plenty of features which you can resell to your customers in smaller packages called cPanel accounts.

Who uses Reseller Hosting?

If you run a design agency or want to get into the hosting game, one type of hosting that allows you to get started quickly is Reseller hosting.There are people who engage in reseller hosting business with an aim to gain customer mass, while there are also others that use the concept for their own good especially if these people are multiple website owners.

How can I benefit from Reseller Hosting?

First and foremost, reseller hosting is easier than running a VPS (Virtual Private Server) because it requires far less server maintenance. In other words, it is fit for users that want to use their hosting in an instant without the server administration worries. Secondly, reseller hosting is cheap. It’s a capable replacement for standard VPS or small dedicated servers since when compared to the latter, they are less expensive but features wise they offer similar benefits. Finally, Reseller Hosting gives you control. Resellers can set their limits on how much space they want for their clients to use. More often than not, these accounts are incorporated with cPanel which makes it easier for the users especially those who are not familiar with the web hosting industry.

Who does great value Reseller Hosting?

Crucial Paradigm of course! We’ve been helping Resellers for over 11 years achieve their goals online. Our starter package comes at a great price and when you need something more, simply upgrade – with no downtime!

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