What is Web Hosting?

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What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is giving high powered computers and web servers a high-speed network for your websites to be available on the internet. Web Hosting is storing your data on a server so your information is accessible around the clock online. This means you can store data on and use; websites, emails, blogs online at all times. In English it is the technology(servers) that stores data and enables our websites to be online and accessible at all times.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared web hosting means the server the data is stored on is being used to host your website and is shared between many customers. Shared web hosting is the most common of hosting used, it is easy to use as it is preconfigured and your provider will take care of any security and maintenance updates for you.

Why do I need Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is one of the essential ingredients to your websites success online. Making sure you use a hosting provider that can offer your all the features you need online is vital. Using a trusted and reliable Web Hosting service ensures that your website, images, videos and content are visible on the world wide web and accessible to all internet to all internet users at all times.

How do I use Web Hosting?

Crucial Paradigm offers their customers a free cPanel control panel, if you are migrating from another provider we offer free cPanel migration, making your transfer to Crucial Paradigm as seamless as possible. When you sign up for Web Hosting with Crucial Paradigm your service will start up almost instantaneously so you can start creating your website then and there, if you run into any troubles your Crucial Paradigm team are here to help with 24x7x365 online support.

Web Hosting

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Reseller Hosting

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